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Trail Butter

Trail Butter 1.15 oz

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Trail Butter 1.15 oz


Trail Butter has been around the nut butter block a few times.   These tasty nut butters started way back when the Boggess brothers set out on an epic trip around the world and were looking for a great source of energy.

"Along the way, they found that these energizing snacks were packaged in heavy jars or inconvenient containers that took up precious space in his small bike panniers. So, somewhere in Arkansas, it dawned on Jeff (one of the brothers) that he could save space and create an even tastier snack if he combined everything into one container. "

Trail Butter was born and to this day they have held countless customers hostage to their delicious taste!  Here at The Feed, we take our nut butters seriously and no doubt Trail Butter has all of us "kneading" more.  Get it?  Need/knead?  Ok ok....we'll stick to our day jobs.

How We Use It

With a fork, on a spoon, or spread with a knife. In all seriousness, we love it on toast with sliced banana, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a dab of honey.  We take these with us whenever on the go.  Which is always!  They are great after being in your pocket or bag and slightly warmed up from the vigorous activity.  We even say sneak a few into your desk drawer!  Make sure you knead them before use.

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